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If you've suffered a sports injury, it's okay to look for help. Many people refuse back pain treatment and other sports injury treatment thinking that they can simply "Walk it off." However, Stewart Sports Chiropractic & Wellness, knows how dangerous this can be, and as such is dedicated to helping you get high-quality care for your injuries right away! With help from Stewart Chiropractic and Wellness in Savannah, GA, you can begin your road to recovery and be back out on the field in no time.


What Is a Sports Injury?

A sports injury is an injury that occurs during physical activity (such as playing a sport). It can range from mild to severe, including muscle strains and sprains to more serious fractures and head injuries. Regardless of the type or severity of your sports injury, getting proper treatment is important so you can make a full and speedy recovery.

More severe injuries, such as a spinal injury, might require long-term treatment and rehabilitation to ensure a full recovery. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may need physical therapy, surgery, or special braces to help you heal correctly.

What Are the Benefits of Sports Injury Treatment?

Sports injury treatment can help reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling associated with your injury. It can also help restore the range of motion in affected joints, strengthen weakened muscles and improve coordination. Additionally, sports injury treatment can minimize scarring as well as reduce the chances of developing long-term complications from your injury.

For instance, re-injury is a common concern for athletes. With the help of our chiropractor, you can get the necessary treatment to help ensure your full recovery and prevent further injuries in the future.

What Types of Sports Treatment Does a Chiropractor Use?

We are committed to helping all our patients recover from their sports injuries quickly and safely, and we can provide:

  • Shoulder pain treatment: If you've suffered a shoulder injury, we can perform manual therapy to help reduce pain and inflammation as well as restore mobility.
  • Knee injury treatment: Knee injuries often require special braces for support and stabilization. We can also provide specialized exercises to strengthen the muscles and ligaments around your knee joint.
  • Spinal injury treatment: For spinal injuries, we can provide manual adjustment, traction and soft tissue manipulation to help reduce pain levels and promote healing.

Experience Care from Our Chiropractor in Savannah, GA, Today!

With the help of Stewart Chiropractic and Wellness, you'll receive comprehensive care to ensure a full recovery from your sports injury. Contact us today at 912-352-8051 to learn more about our services and how we can help you get back on the field!

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