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Stewart Sports Chiropractic & Wellness, serving Savannah and the nearby region, has a sports injury chiropractor on staff with 27 years of practice experience.  We offer a variety of sports injury treatment approaches for shoulder pain, and we'll decide exactly what that is once you're in our office.  But it helps to know more about the rotator cuff and the types of injuries you may experience.


General Information About the Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff isn't just one part of the shoulder. Instead, it's a group of muscles that surround the shoulder joint.  Its purpose is to keep the shoulder stabile and provide maximum movement.  Your shoulder is your most mobile joint, which makes it very susceptible to injury.

You're more at risk for a rotator cuff injury as you get older.  Your likelihood of sustaining an injury could increase if you have a job that requires you to lift your arms above your head- such as being a painter. Certain sports, like volleyball, tennis, weightlifting, or pitching in baseball, also increase your risk of developing a shoulder issue.

Signs of a Problem

Shoulder pain can be either acute (immediate) or chronic (occurring over a period of time) .  It's important to take notice of how frequent the pain is, when it happens, and if it has any triggers. These are the kinds of questions we'll ask you when you arrive at our practice.

Some signs to be on the alert for include:

  •   Pain when you are lifting something off the ground or over your head
  •   A dull aching sensation in your shoulder
  •   Pain that occurs at night when you sleep
  • Decrease in your shoulder’s range of motion

Diagnosing the Problem

When you come to visit our sports injury chiropractor, the first step will be to ask you to complete a medical history report that asks for details about any previous injuries or surgeries you've had.  We'll also ask you questions about any chronic complaints.  This information helps the sports chiropractor rule out certain issues and determine if a previous weakness could have contributed.

The next step in getting sports injury treatment is speaking with our sports injury chiropractor.  Our practitioner will ask you questions about when the pain arose.  He'll want to know when it initially happened, when it happens the most, and if there's something that provokes it.  He'll also ask if you have any other symptoms besides pain.

Contact Stewart Sports Chiropractic & Wellness in Savannah, GA

Our sports injury chiropractor can find you a treatment to help ease your pain and possibly aid in your recovery.  This always makes healing time quicker than you could on your own without treatment. Schedule an appointment at Stewart Sports Chiropractic & Wellness if you're suffering from shoulder pain by calling us at 912-352-8051.

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