Video: Wine Tasting With Dr. Stewart

Before popping open your next bottle of wine, watch the above video to learn a few simple steps that will help you enjoy and appreciate the wine that you’re tasting.

In the meantime, here is an easy step by step explanation about how to taste wine, and a link you can go to for all its wonderful health benefits. Cheers!!!

1. Look at the Cork: After opening your bottle, look at the cork and make sure there are no sugar crystals where the wine made contacted the cork, and that the wine hasn’t fully saturated into the cork. This could be an indication that the wine is bad.

2. Aerate the Wine: Three ways to allow the wine to “breathe” include letting the bottle sit open for 30 minutes, pouring the wine into a decanter, or using a bottle top aerator to instantly aerate the wine as you pour.

3. Look at the Wine: Evaluate the wine for clarity, color, and body. If the wine is cloudy, it has likely gone bad. The color should be consistent with the grape the wine is made from. And there should be lines of wine – or “legs” – that streak down the sides of the glass when swirled, indicating good body.

4. Swirl & Sniff: Next swirl the wine in small circles on a table or in the air and then take in the smell of the wine. The swirl further aerates the wine to bring out initial characteristics that you may experience with the first taste.

5. Taste the Wine: Put a small amount of wine on the tongue and hold it there for two to three seconds to rime your taste buds, and feel the initial texture and character of the wine. Then swish or trill the wine in the mouth to experience the full expression of the wine’s texture, character, flavors, and nuances. Trilling means holding the wine on the tongue while breathing air into the mouth so the wine completely opens up on the palate.

6. The Finish: Swallow the wine and see how long the flavors and texture stay in the mouth to evaluate what’s called the “finish” (short, medium, or long).


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