Video: Working With Back Pain

Back pain diagnoses fall within one of four categories – postural, traumatic, misalignment, or pathological. Postural, as the name implies, is caused by chronic poor posture while standing, sitting, or lying down and improper body positioning during daily activities. Traumatic includes any event that damages the tissues of the low back such as a car accident, falling off a ladder, or sports injury. Misalignment occurs when repetitive stress on the body from poor posture positions or repeated activities force the bones of the spine (and other joints) out of alignment resulting in structural weakness and, ultimately, pain. And finally, pathological back pain is that which is caused by a disease process going on in the body, such as urinary tract disorders, digestive tract disorders, or cancer. If you are suffering from back pain and seeking to ease the strain between professional chiropractic adjustments, check out the video above for three easy exercises that may help to reduce your symptoms.

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